• About Us


     A graduate of Eckerd College who also studied at the Univesity of London, Ed Fosgate has become known as one of the top residential landscape designers in Florida.  His involvement in art goes back to the drafting table his architect father gave him when he was five.  From private lessons to art school learning the essentials of drawing, painting, sculpting, and design have been a centerpiece of his life.  His artwork has been collected by a very impressive group of art aficionados.

    Design to Installation

    As a designer Ed follows in the time honored tradition dating from the Renaissance through today that the best architects and designers are artists first!  At his studio in Winter Park, Ed seeks to inspire students to produce their best work, his colleagues to have the best installations and his clients to be the recipients of beautiful landscapes.

    Curb Appeal

    If you have ever seen HGTV's 'Curb Appeal' program you have an idea of what we can do.  From pickig new colors, adding new walks, drives, or front entrances, building trellises, pergolas and fences-reworking landscapes-we can help you envision it and then make it happen.  You can deal seamlessly with one firm which makes all aspects of the job flow smoother.